AC Repair

We all know how hot the temperatures can be in Dubai during summers and it’s only essential that our air conditioners are well maintained and fully functional at all times. A lot goes behind the maintenance of the same and we at Topfix specialize in air conditioners. This includes furnace cleaning, new installations, duct cleaning, repair, gas filling, exhaust installation and even installations of new thermostats and actuator valves to name a few. With several years of experience we work keeping in mind our customers best interests always. Our in depth knowledge of AC’s ensure that you are well informed of the actual issues along with the best possible solutions to rectify those issues at minimal cost. Fresh clean air is a necessity at home or office and we wouldn’t want any of our clients to compromise on the same. Our AC technicians in Dubai are highly trained and can detect any issue in no time. Be it a compressor repair, AC line flushing, fixing of an AC leakage, exhaust installation or even minor tasks like AC grill or vent cleaning we ensure you are well taken care of. Whenever you think of Dubai air conditioner repair service think of Topfix. Any kind of AC repair in Dubai will be taken care of at affordable rates without any compromise on the quality. Be it a new installation, built in AC units or standalone AC’s at residential and commercial properties just Topfix it. Several times a foul smell at home can be a cause of concern if you are unable to detect its source and more often than not it emerges from the AC units. Also AC leakages give way to formation of molds which when not treated in time can lead to further issues. We not only cater to individual requirements with regards to your air conditioners and periodic concerns, we also provide AMC’s so that you never miss the right time to service it.

We cater to the below with regards to AC maintenance:

Air-condition (ac) maintenance

This includes regular maintenance of your AC as a whole or parts like the ac units, compressors, grills, vents and exhausts. Extensive works like AC line flushing, coil cleaning, gas filling, leakage fixing are handed with utmost perfection by our specialist ac technicians.

Air-condition Installation

Topfix has a specialist team which caters to all types of major installations of air conditioner units, split ac installations. Also specialized services like GI ducting, AI ducting, Thermostat installation, Actuator valve, insulation are something we have deep knowledge about. We know it can be quite confusing to deal with these complex AC issues and even more it’s quite difficult to analyze and find the right solution. Our bond with our clientele is based on years of trust and we assure you the best way ahead always.

AC Duct cleaning and disinfectant (sanitizing duct)

Ways to detect if your AC ducts are clogged is when you notice some unusual odor on turning on the AC or noticing marks and dust around the vents! Another sign could be when family members begin to suffer some kind of allergies while they are at home. These are signs which require assistance of expert duct cleaning and sanitizing. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the ducts at both residential and commercial properties. Once completed you can feel the freshness in the air and breathe with ease.

AC Mold cleaning (treatment)

Many internal leakages of the AC units go undetected and thereby lead to aggravating the basic issue at hand. The most common issues we come across is with regards to formation of molds in the ac units or in areas surrounding the installations and wiring. These molds when not treated in time can damage the entire units too. Our AC experts treat molds chemically and eliminate them from the entire property. Call us for an inspection so we can be in time to treat the molds and fix the leakages from your air conditioners. Topfix is a trusted name to ensure you have hassle free upcoming Summers