Top Fix is a big property renovation contractor in Dubai. We are one of the best when it comes to home renovation companies in Dubai. We understand exactly what our clients are looking for. We provide world-class quality property renovation company options in Dubai. Whether you are looking out for home renovation services in Dubai, kitchen renovations in Dubai, living room renovations in Dubai, bedroom renovations, bathroom renovations, renovations for children’s rooms, and more.

Top Fix Renovation Services in Dubai

Top Fix Property Maintenance has experience for the past 7 years working on renovation projects ranging from private residences to 5-star hotels. We are well known in the Dubai property market estates for our maintenance and renovation work.

Our team of professional contractors has set a lot of ventures behind them that we work to understand what the client is exactly looking for. We provide the best service for property renovations in Dubai and we understand carefully what precisely the client is thinking about.

To be a very good professional renovation contractor in Dubai, we need to be good listeners which is exactly what Top Fix is about. We listen carefully to what our client’s vision of their property development is and then recommend suggestions with a free quotation.

Once everything is decided, we immediately start the work and have a multiple domain section which means we handle all your carpentry requirements, plumbing requirements, painting requirements, and any other handyman services apart from the entire renovation and design of the house of the property. Once this is done, we offer a quick handover to our clients so that they can enjoy the property experience as soon as possible.


It doesn’t matter how old your property is. How damaged is your property when Top Fix is on the job. We promise you when we hand over your place, we will leave it looking brand new like you first bought it.  Our staff is well equipped and responsible to understand what you require and get any property damage that could occur right now in the future. You do not face any issues in the later part after the handover.


Top Fix is on the job. We ensure that our clients get the highest degree of quality by providing exceptional service which also includes high-brand quality products being used to fix your property as well as offering services with the maximum durability and life span.


We take responsibility for doing the entire work for your renovation and provide free snagging services before starting the renovation. We check will check the property with careful inspection before we take the task. We will provide you with a report and then put your vision and suggestion into accord and start the work.

After the work, we ensure that your entire property is cleaned by our staff before handover. When it comes to affordability of renovation. It can cost a lot of money and it can often block your property vision and your dream from coming through. We understand this aspect and offer to plan the best possible services at very affordable rates. We are very transparent when it comes to providing our renovation services since we have a lot of clients that we love to keep happy so they continue to work with us for future projects.


We also have a lot of tie-ups with the branded high-quality companies that we get maintenance

products. We do this so we get great prices for high-quality products that our clients can take advantage of.

We are considered the best service provider for home renovations in Dubai

A team of supervisors always ensures that whatever you request is well communicated to our technicians and staff so that when they are working on the job they know and they understand what work has to be done to get your ultimate satisfaction.

Even our coordination is perfect since we are well known in the market and understand what the client is looking for so we are up to date with current trends and technical styles. We are also in touch with the local interior designer in Dubai to enhance and repair your house to a perfect renewed property.


The types of renovation services covered under Top Fix


No job is too small for us. We can fix anything when it comes to renovation, whether you are looking out for just a small change or a large repair. We are the renovation experts that offer a wide range of trusted services with skills tough to help you and we can handle all types of property renovation in Dubai.


Easy Renovation Process with Top Fix


You as a valued client can choose the date and time which best suits you. Our team of professionals will approach you to finalize the project.


Once our professional team will carefully listen to what you suggest and will plan your themes, offer ideas and inspiration by brainstorming with each other to get a complete design and outlook of your vision.


Top Fix will provide a fully understandable quote and will involve the entire cost without any hidden charges so you can prepare all your plans and plan your budget accordingly.


Experienced managers and suppliers will take over. We will start allocating the work to a team of professionals who will continue the work simultaneously on multiple parts. While you just said back and enjoy your day.


We will ensure that your property is handed over on the estimated date and time.


Now it is time for you to make your dream come true.


Advantages Of Renovation



We understand the value of a client and the need the urgency of renovating your property. To contact us to know more information you can visit our website or you can directly whats app us for a free quotation and a free appointment

Time for a renovation, time for Top Fix.