When it comes to exterior painting services. No other company is as good as Top Fix Services. We are a property maintenance company with absolute experience in painting. Whether it is painting services in Dubai for your house, villa painting, exterior building painting, exterior commercial painting, or even factory wall paintings, we do it all. We not only supply the best painting services at affordable rates.

We advise what colors would best suit exterior paintings. As we know that in Dubai, as per the law, there are certain restrictions when it comes to outdoor colors be it area restrictions or Dubai municipality. You need to know what colors are suitable.

Top Fix Exterior Painting Services

We have the skills and the labor to undergo your entire painting with our gears, equipment (ladders, safety equipment, protection sheets for furniture carpet covering, etc. All types of paint brushes, primer solvents, and paints needed), and post-painting cleaning all included.


We at Top Fix, know what are the best painting types of paints which can be used in the vicinity it is better to trust us at this job. It is more suitable to use water-based or solvent painting for exterior wall paintings. Don’t forget to get it done by the best contractors for exterior wall painting contractors in Dubai.


Even if you have your villa or building. Always ensure that you keep the Dubai municipality in the loop as to what type of color paints you are going to use. Remember not every place uses water base or acrylic paint for the exterior work. It is important to remember that some areas use solvent waste paints instead of water-based. This is because of moisture that is present in the wall.


If the property does not have adequate waterproofing in the kitchen or other moisture areas such as washrooms, sanitary areas, etc. The wall can get damaged and the external and internal paint starts to be off. One of the cheapest solutions to take out the damaged paint is to use prime solvent paints with a primer coating.


This will help in all building property areas. Including industrial and residential areas. We are experts at applying any of these solvent-based paintings.


We are the best wall painting company when it comes to painting for residential and commercial areas, especially in places where there are walls and the exterior that needs heavy painting done by professional painters.


The last thing you want is a heat stroke trying to paint your own house in the hot sun. Besides if you are too slow and painting, your paint can try at an earlier stage and you will not get the actual result you are looking for when it comes to applying the second coding.


Painting costs can be very high ranging from 10,000 to 10,00,000 dirhams per square foot. Going for good painting services at affordable prices in Dubai is better.


Top Fix are professional painters in Dubai that is well connected with the big brand painting companies. This is why we can afford to give you cheap rates for painting and use top brands for all your painting services.

We do not compromise on the quality of your paint at the same time. We are still able to offer you affordable prices. When it comes to building painting services

or commercial painting. We, follow all safety precautions so that no painting or supplies stand a chance to fall on someone below who is passing in the public area.

We also place obstacles with warning signage so people can stay far away from any solvent dropping while painting exteriors. It is important that when painting a house or villa you get it done by experts because certain paints have some flammable organic compound which can affect a person help our skilled painters available to know what type of painting is safe for the environment.

Once the painting is applied it does not leak out any chemicals from the wall that may damage family and loved ones. We know the correct type of mixing of colors so when you paint, you get the desired look and not end up with if you paint half the room in a day the next half of the room has a different shade compared to what was that part of the wall and it will make your house look very ugly.

Exterior paints, for example, require a rougher condition because they are uncovered in high-temperature weather and low temperature during the cold season. It is important for your wall painting to balance these extreme temperatures and not peel.

We offer the best paints in Dubai  that protect your walls from dust, storm, unusual rain activities, and even direct sunlight from the desert. This intern will help prevent shocking or any type of cracking over a long span.

We know, how much primer solvent pain can we use to make it reliable. This also includes the correct amount of color mixing when applied to your walls.

Top Fix – Wall Painting Services are the Best in Dubai

‘Trusted by Dubai and relied upon by our client’


We provide excellent painting services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Dubai. No matter how big or small. How broad or tall your building is? Nothing will change the fact that we can do it. We are quick on the job and have enough professional skills and equipment to get all the exterior painting of a building.

The benefits of an exterior painting service contract:

Dubai people especially like to do things themselves but with the warm weather, it is impossible to paint your house in such hot conditions you can almost get a heat stroke or have other medical health issues apart from getting exposed to UV rays. Even increase your chances of skin cancer due to exposure.

Our painting services in dubai come with all the right service safety and years of experience to paint your apartment and building properties. We give you a fast handover so you can immediately sell or use the property.

Common advice requests you to paint your house annually to get the best protection for your apartment from the outside weather, especially in desert areas.


Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Property

The exterior is the first thing a buyer will notice. As the pain is outside the building. It is the first impression of your property. If your apartment or building property looks good naturally the buyer would be interested to see how your apartment looks inside.


 A buyer or builder who would want to entertain guests and also family members would like the building to be presentable and not look like it’s going to collapse. The very look of a brand-new painting building with the new paint gives a feeling of safety and happiness


  Automatically increase a natural comfort and well-being feeling. Well-painted buildings affect the experience.


If your property looks very bad and unpleasing you may be required to paint the exterior by either the neighborhood locals or the Dubai Municipality Authorities as it tends to spoil the beauty of Dubai’s exquisite look.


If you wish to get in touch with the best painting services in Dubai at affordable prices then click on Top Fix or simply get in touch via our whats app for any inquiries and get a free quote today along with a free inspection.