No job is small is what we believe in and that’s the reason we have an exclusive handyman services team which handles every query with utmost importance and on a timely manner. Our Dubai handyman services are based on a commitment to promptly cater to your day to day issues like light fixing, chandelier installation, furniture fixing, curtain installations, furniture assembly, home appliances or white goods installation, faulty lock replacement or installation to name a few. Our special “no call out charges” scheme enables you to get your minor issues fixed at affordable rates! Our electricians are professional and highly experienced and adhere to high safety standards thereby keeping your property completely secure. Electrical fittings can get damaged anytime and it’s important to ensure they are checked and fixed on time. We also provide you cost effective solutions for any kind of electrical wiring, replacements of plugs, extensions, new socket installation at convenient spots, change of bulbs or light fittings too. Worried with high DEWA bills? We know the reasons; we can help you out to cut down your electrical bills by a good percentage with our advisory services on CFL lights. Be it a TV installation, wall mount, connection or disconnection of appliances and even for that matter fixing a wall hanging or painting are all swiftly catered to from our specialized team. Call us today for a complete inspection of your home and allow our team to check through all light fittings and wirings to make sure you encounter no problems whatsoever. Leaking ceilings end up damaging internal wirings which are not visible on the exterior, we can look up and detect any issue at an earlier stage and help you plan ahead of a problem. Our electricians based in Dubai are well trained to provide you a professional service and are just a call or message away.

Lights fixture

Tired of changing faulty bulbs or spot lights frequently? Topfix will advice you on the best brands that have longer life span and also ones which reduce your electrical bills on the long run. Any kind of spot light fixing, changing of bulbs, lamps installation, replacement of existing lights, change of color, making provision for new light fittings in your property, checking on faulty switches, installing new switches, making provision for dual connection switches and checking on faulty wiring is all part of our handyman services in Dubai.

Television (TV) installation

Get your TV installed through us and get going with the channel surfing! We not only guide you on the exact spot where your TV needs to be fixed but we also do it in a very neat manner. Concealing the visible wires is a very important aspect to keep your home free of clutter and to make it look beautiful. Bulk industrial installations of TV and other units are also adhered to from our end.

Furniture assembling

Got furniture but can’t install it using the modules? Then look no further! Our professional carpenters know the exact way to fix them without even referring to tedious modules. Years of experience, it cheaper to hire us to do installations rather than even getting the suppliers to do so at additional costs. Schedule with our handyman in Dubai once your delivery is scheduled and we will ensure to get your furniture ready on the day it is delivered.

Wall painting hanging

Every wall painting or wall mount is special which is chosen after a long window shopping. As much as you put effort in finding one, we put equivalent effort in installing them. Primarily we take good care that your delicate chosen pieces aren’t damaged while being installed and secondly we make sure we fix them accurately and in one go, so that no extra damage is done to your beautiful walls. Got an idea? Share with us so we advice on you on the optimum use of space by guiding you with the exact measurements too!

Curtains installation

Many a time we come across clients who ended up buying the wrong curtains or blinds. The reason has always been wrong measurements to begin with. Before you even buy a curtain or blinds, get us to immediately get you the right measurements from your home or offices. Be it installing new curtains you bought or designing curtains for your entire property, we promise to make the entire process smooth and easy for you. Curtain rods installation, removal of curtains and blinds and replacing existing ones are catered by our Dubai handyman.

Home appliances/ White goods installation

More likely when you buy new appliances you are offered free installation by the supplier, but that’s not the case with buying second appliances or even while moving appliances from one place to another. We can provide you all kinds of appliances installation in Dubai and can also make fresh or new provisions in your property. A new water drain provision for your washing machine or dishwasher which wasn’t provided for at the right spot is now easily provided for from our expert technicians. All kinds of white goods can be installed and even repaired from our end. Call Topfix to get the best quote today!