Need the best painting services in dubai? Are you planning to sell or buy or sell your home in Dubai? It will shock you to know that the paint colors directly influence the sale of your house or villa apartment. It is very important to select the right color for your paint job and also choose the right painting service in Dubai to get the best look for your home.

painting services in Dubai
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Top Fix Painting Services in Dubai is the best when it comes to making your home look pleasing and appealing. Whether it’s villa painting, apartment painting, building painting,, property painting, ceiling painting, or decorative painting, Top Fix has you covered. We also provide a very creative approach when it comes to painting.

Our painting services also cover the removal of molds from the walls, covering your furniture, carpets, and flooring with protection so your belongings don’t get damaged. Top Fix painting service team ensures that the walls have an adequate coating and evenly distributed color combination. We also ensure that the wall is equally flat with no peeling.  We always make sure that our painting work is completed quickly by using quick dry paint so your home is ready for an immediate handover.

We provide the best painting services in Dubai not just for homes but also for commercial and industrial sectors. We offer services from single-day painting to painting an entire home. No painting service is too small or big for us.

Residents of Dubai who need painting services can always depend on us because we focus our talent to cater to the entire city of Dubai alone. Our team of professionals will quickly show up at your doorstep with all the painting supplies and equipment that we require to get the job done.

That means you don’t have to trouble yourself about ladders, furniture protection covers, painting rollers and brushes, and labor management. We even have the expertise to observe and inspect your property and recommend the best paints and color choices that will suit your home. Our experience and trustworthiness for being the best at what we do have led to a big build-up of several clients depending on us for many painting service projects in Dubai.

Why Is Top Fix Painting Service the Best Service In Dubai?


Here are some colors that we suggest will be the best choices for homes in Dubai

White Or Off-white
  1. White Or Off-white

When it comes to wall colors, real estate agents always suggest that homeowners should use white or off-white whenever they plan to buy or sell a house. White colors are known to enhance the brightness of the house making it livelier and pretty. Remember a well brightly appealing house will always sell better as people often compare brightness to positive energy and rich lifestyle appeal. It gives cleanliness and a vibrant look as well.

  1. Beige

Believe it or not, the reason most houses in Dubai opt for this color is that it is the perfect blend of the dessert. Most villas prefer this shade so naturally, the trend is already set with interested buyers. Make sure that you use beige with the right accent and border colors to give a timeless approach. Use colors like gold, beige, wheat yellow, teal, coral, and green to compliment those walls. Just make sure the painting is done by the best painting services in Dubai.

Baby Blue
  1. Baby Blue

Blue is also an amazing color as it reflects a tropical summer view just like you the sea or the swimming pool.  This color is perfect for bedroom paintings and bathroom painting services. The color is cooling for the eyes and will look very pretty in children’s rooms as well. You can use white curtains and a white ceiling to perfectly match the ambiance of the room. Buyers who have families would immediately be interested in such fancy shades. You can use painting services to add these colors to the rooms and directly impact your buyers’ decision as an advantage.

Wheat Yellow
  1. Wheat Yellow

This blend shade of yellow brings the morning warmth and a bright feeling of sunshine to the room. This automatically resembles a friendly atmosphere and is not at all overpowering with brightness in any way. You can always mix and match with sky blue, brown, and natural green border lines or ceiling paints to compliment this color. Kitchen and bathroom colors with a yellow blend will look superb as your background.

Pistachio Green
  1. Pistachio Green

There is no other color that is more pleasant than mother nature’s green. We add a few plants and creepers at home or even go out on travel holidays away from the city just to catch a glimpse of the greenery. Image a house that is illuminated with that color. Green is not at all dominating and is very cooling for the eyes. This color is sure to gather a couple of interested buyers.

Coffee or Chocolate Brown
  1. Coffee or Chocolate Brown

This color shade has a neutral balance in the room. It gives a perfect rich heritage look matching the wooden décor and looks very appealing. A very good choice when it comes to selling a house. This color looks best in dining rooms and living rooms to provide that cozy feel that buyers seek. It is also a known fact that brown removes that extra glare from the room so it can complement your furniture. The shade also goes well with gold accents and white curtains, or even wall paintings. Another tip would be to add small focus lamps near the walls which will give it a very classic look.

Giving your home the paint, it deserves. Make your house look as beautiful and enchanting as ever. So make sure you hire affordable painting services in Dubai to get you a selling price hike. At the end of the sale, it is all about the visual appeal and the look that sells the house make sure you do it with professionals. Your sale depends on it. Visit the Top Fix Website or whats app to get a free quote today.