Encountering a good property maintenance company with no red flags or property maintenance scams may have been easier in the past. The rise of new technology and bold scammers has led to a lot of fraud maintenance companies ready to scam people. People fall flat for their gas lighting or charming techniques using discounts, deals, etc. The scamming trend with proper repairs has evolved especially during the phase when rental and real estate purchase is in demand.

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The Dubai land department has even noticed and has started cracking down on such frauds. The government publishes any misleading or false property service stories such as AC mechanics, renovation repairs, plumbing services, electrical services, etc. If such ads are false and aid or assist in scams, they will violate Dubai laws and will be liable to pay up to 50,000 AED or face jail time. It is recommended to report such false advertisements to the government immediately. We at Top Fix Property Maintenance have put together a list of scams we have noticed with property maintenance companies in Dubai.




1. Snagging Scam

When you opt for a good property maintenance company. They should not charge you for any snagging services. However, some companies offer a charge to visit the site and jot down a list of problems in the property that may not exist. After reporting on a false document paper with a fake logo they will ask you to pay an advance amount to start the job. This may also include snagging inspection fee, once you make the payment you will never hear from them again.

2. The Discount Scam

The next scam is that the price they offer is phenomenal. You may get attracted to the lowest possible price but remember they are looking to make a quick buck so once you go for the advance payment you will automatically find that these people will not do any job but rather take away your money and disappear.

3. Fake Company Scam

The company is not genuine. This is a very common aspect where the property maintenance company in Dubai is not exactly registered. In such cases, the main not even have their website or brands could scan you completely and either take away all your goods when you leave the properties for repairs or take advance of the money always. Always ensure that you check the local details before going I had the best ways to check for a valid website with a registered address and also a previous review. One such genuine property maintenance company that is legally registered is Top Fix Property Maintenance in Dubai.

4. No Documentation

In such cases, the company may ask you for direct cash and not accept any other mode of payment. This should be a red flag by itself never take a payment without any properly detailed transaction. This is your only proof of validation, whether it’s a warranty or proof of repairs make sure you select a reliable maintenance company in Dubai.

5. The Duplicate Scam

This involves scammers duplicating company details and posting online with a small change where they would have their details and contact such is the case, especially on search engines when you search for a good property company it is always good to check with other companies or compare the actual validity of the particular contact details.

6. Remote Scammer

Once the property has been repaired do not transfer the money blindly it is always best to have a physical inspection of the company. In such cases, it is always good to go for a company like Top Fix that gives you a proper handover of your apartment along with a survey because on how to better their services and their team performance.

7. The Property Stalker Scam

Some scammers will notice and keep an eye on your property and after gathering details they will pretend they are from a genuine company and promise very cheap repairs in a very quick time-lapse. Such companies should be avoided at all costs because a genuine company like Top Fix would be fast at repair but at the same time not rush on the work without caution and care.

8. The Bell Ringer Scam

If the contractor does a door-to-door visit. it is quite suspicious as a genuine property maintenance service company in Dubai will not have the time for any house-to-house visit without an appointment.

9. The Hurry Deal

The deal of a century where some companies offer you a great deal with a limited period offer. It is always better to avoid such types of companies because most of them are scammers. A maintenance company will not have an expiry date on a deal and will not pressurize you to make a good decision.

There are just a few handfuls of genuine maintenance companies that do the work with complete honesty and are very transparent with their payments. Some companies genuinely do not charge for the inspection or give a quote like Top Fix Property Maintenance. Besides that, other factors influence the situation. If they are not so great in the market, they may try to make extra money so to compensate they try to scam by adding replacements and repairs which are not required.

They can also charge you for an expensive part and replace it with a cheap one. That way when the validity of the repair or chape products gets quickly damaged they know you will call them again to repair. Trustworthy property repair companies will offer you a good solution at a reasonable rate so you don’t have to worry about that service because Top Fix is genuine and honest when it comes to maintenance services in Dubai. We offer every major and service from a to z with complete transparency and a good handover making our clients very happy.

Our services as enabled which and use carpet reservation fixed out AC technician, plumbing services, painting services, and hire only the best professionals to do the work for all all our clients and always keep coming back for more. If you require any property maintenance work contact us on 0508825700 and feel free to visit our registered website for maintenance services in Dubai or whats app for more details on maintenance plans, services, and a list of our big branded clients who trust us with their property.