Companies that offer handyman services are plenty but getting reliable and best offer handyman services for any emergency can be a tough task. You need a company that has lots of experience with plenty of professional staff ready on the call to quickly fix any emergency and requirement for your property. Top Fix offers handyman repairs in Dubai for any residential or commercial areas which require attention. We provide services all across Dubai which can be quickly fixed with our company.

Top Fix – Handyman Services

Our mission with emergency handyman services in Dubai is to exceed your expectations. We provide you with high-quality repairs and handyman services that will make you save our number as your hotline for repeated projects. Our handyman services cover a lot of sectors including gypsum plastering, carpentry joinery, basic repairs, any painting requirements, wall fixtures, light fixtures, polishing removal of any objects, installing any electronic equipment, removal of plugs or replacement of any plumbing requirements and a lot more.


Our emergency handyman services in Dubai cater to all sectors where properties need any fixtures? We provide services to resident’s factories officers hospitals schools parks, factories blocks, retail shops, and several more. If you are looking out for an emergency handyman service then you have come to the right place. Our professional handyman service can immediately help you fix up any repairs for all those emergency property repairs that require urgent attention.


Our handyman services professionals are well equipped and also very interactive with experience that enables them to improvise on the job so if at all multiple factors need to be considered, our professional staff is perfect for the job.


We offer handyman services for all types of requirements whether it is the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, or any such exterior such as fixtures, railings, outdoor balcony areas, etc.


Emergency handyman sources in Dubai for leaking or clogged drains


If you have a clogged drain in any office or your residence then quickly call us. We will be on the job immediately. We can easily unlock any areas that have any blockages or even clean any drains and replace any piping that requires immediate attention


A handyman can also install bathroom curtains and fixtures which include pipes and any other sanitary fittings required.


Emergency services for electrical work

We offer emergency handyman services at very cheap rates to all our clients in Dubai. Whether it is replacing light fixtures that are not working in your factory or residence or commercial area. We can quickly change the sockets replace the light bulbs and prevent anything from parking or any safety hazards which is essential to look out for.


Services for AC Repairs

We offer expert AC technicians with services that can clean the AC filters, clean the ducts clean, install AC equipment such as a thermostat or even make any replacements to ensure that your AC is running under full efficiency.


We offer all AC services such as chiller service, Central AC filter, cleaning maintenance, and other search AC performance all over Dubai because we know water chillers and ac units with electrical and plumbing understanding.


Installing Appliances & Furniture

If you are looking out to install a new TV or any IKEA furniture. Any other such furniture equipment you may not be able to assemble yourself. We offer handyman services who are well equipped with all the latest technology. When it comes to assembling a bed, TV installation or any such aspects. We can also install wall paintings and fixtures quickly to make them perfect for your house.


Why Pick Top Fix Handyman Services in Dubai



We offer excellent handyman and service repair because we are highly favored by our clients when it comes to reliability as time has endured, we have provided clients with customer satisfaction so they keep coming back to us for more projects, no wonder our experience is great and you can rely on us for all your repair services.


Professional Gear and Equipment

When it comes to professional gear for handyman services. Our staff is well equipped with all the latest gear and gadgets to help make your life as easiest possible because we believe in having a quick handover. We provide all the latest equipment so the work can get done faster and our customers can again get back to the normal routine of life. We also ensure that our staff is always working under the safest conditions for you and yourself.


Very Affordable Prices

We have been doing this for 7 years so we have upgraded all skills and our reliability. We can be in a position to offer you great world-class quality service at a very reasonable price because we know what the current market rates and what we can offer you with branded equipment are unbelievable.


Types of Assembling Services


At Top Fix, we provide all the best handyman services that you can afford within your budget. We also make sure that our handyman provides a good inspection of your property so he can pinpoint what other requirements need fixing. You can save tons of AED before the damage to your property increases. We also recommend that you use a handyman’s experience to offer solutions for you and recommendations because our team is well skilled to know what will be the best options for you.


Quick handover makes our handyman service irreplaceable. To know more about what services, we offer on the handyman Dubai repairs, you can visit our website or whats app for an appointment and we will get back to you as early as possible.