When it comes to reducing the DEWA bill with the best maintenance services in Dubai, everyone gets worried. You may give your property out for rent to a tenant, a building rented out to an office, or for commercial use. Sometimes you may not get the returns on investment that you are looking for. Believe it or not, this is a big challenge that most landlords and tenants who pay their own DEWA face. We will let you in on some secret tips that will help you save tons of money on your DEWA bills.

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In case you rent it out to a tenant then how much DEWA gets consumed may not be in your control. However, there are certain maintenance service initiatives you can take to drastically reduce your bills.

Snagging Services – You may not be aware of the damage to your property. It is better to have a snagging service in Dubai to check your entire property before renting out your apartment. The new tenants may not care much if they are looking for a short-term stay on any particular maintenance issue that may require long-term service. A maintenance service team will check all your property fixtures from lighting, ac ducts, thermostat, electrical circuits, faucets, sanitary fittings, bathroom fixtures, and more. If they notice any leakages, air conditioning clogging, bad wiring, etc. they will notify you. This will save tons on your DEWA bill in the long run as you can get it fixed quickly.

AC units – An A C technician in Dubai will check your thermostat to see that is working. Remember you cannot keep your AC off when you are out for a full day as it will cause moisture build-up and dampen the room which leads to mold formation. If your ac is well maintained you can even keep your temperature on 24 degrees while you are away. Cleaning your AC is very important, filters and vents tend to get clogged over time. The AC mechanic will also check your vents and filter to ensure that you are getting efficient cooling and the ac unit is not loading which also can raise your DEWA bill if ignored.

Water Heaters– Always ensure that your water heaters are installed by a professional facility management company in Dubai. The best Property Maintenance company in Dubai will always recommend a good water heater unit and install it correctly. This will help your water get hot faster and save on your DEWA bill.

Sealing Your Property – Having gaps between your doors and windows. Broken windows with damaged hinges can lead to cool air escaping. This put a lot of loads on your AC as well. Whether it is cooling your room in the summers or warming your room in the winters. You need a well-sealed room to ensure that the temperature you desire remains constant. A good handyman service or carpentry service in Dubai can help fix this requirement. This one-time affordable maintenance service in Dubai can save you from getting high expensive DEWA bills.

Light Fixtures – Believe it or not lights also play a very important feature in reducing your DEWA bill. The best maintenance company in Dubai will always recommend a good light brand that will give you an illumination that is bright enough but also one that conserves a lot of your electricity. A brand that is cost-effective yet reliable and energy conservative should not only help you reduce your electric bills but also last longer than high voltage bulbs. Get a professional maintenance service company in Dubai to fix your lighting. They will also check your circuits and see if any plugs require replacements. Maintenance Companies can also provide commercial and huge property areas such as residential buildings, offices, factories, etc. with bulk sensor light fixtures. This will help shut off and save tons on DEWA bills since they only come on when the motion sensors detect movement.

Bathroom & Sanitary Fixtures – Ensuring you don’t have any leaking faucets or pipes can help you save on your water bills. For properties and commercial buildings, we recommend installing sensor taps to help reduce the water flow.

Curtain Fixtures– Fixing curtains holders for shades and drapes are an effective power saver, especially during the summer. Curtains and drapes help prevent the sunlight and heat from entering the room which intends to reduce the load on your air conditioning unit. Handyman services in Dubai can install curtain fixtures for your windows and on your glass walls at reasonable rates.

Several other factors can help reduce your DEWA bill. Have a maintenance service company in Dubai do a complete and thorough inspection of your property to assess and advise the best plan for your DEWA savings. You can always opt for a maintenance care plan as well which can do a monthly check-up and conduct any repairs under your package deal. If you reduce your DEWA bill you have more money for your savings or to spend on your investments.

Acting now can help avoid unwanted damage and repairs in the future. This way you not only save on your money but also reduce your DEWA bill. A complete win-win solution for you. Having us check your apartment and run any maintenance service to improve the performance of your home is the best at what we do. We offer cost-effective and affordable options for all our clients and provide quality at its best. For any maintenance inquiry and work to reduce your DEWA bill contact us on whats app or visit our website to know more.